What happens when art and philosophy meet? Does philosophy reduce art to its own terms, or does art always elude rational analysis? Is the idea of art as something that can exceed reason itself just a philosophical fantasy? What kind of interaction occurs between them: an interrogation, a disruption, a transformation or some other relation? What forms, in addition to writing, might art and philosophy take when combined? Should we even be talking about art and philosophy as two separate things? Are both not folded into one another, clusters of actions and processes that cannot be pinned down to one domain or the other? Is the question in fact primarily historical or institutional, one that can only be asked of particular moments and the meanings of ‘art’ and ‘philosophy’ that are included (and excluded) at those moments? But if that’s the case, what do we call the thinking that questions those historical meanings today?

Welcome to my website. I am Clive Cazeaux, a philosopher based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. I teach the philosophy of art and design at Cardiff School of Art and Design, and in my teaching and writing I wrestle with these and related questions. Particular interests of mine are the philosophies of metaphorthe sensesvisual arts research, and art–science collaboration. On this website you can find details of my research interests, publications (with extracts), teaching and current projects. Site updated with details of my ‘Aesthetics as ecology’ paper on the Aesthetics page, and my 2017-18 teaching, 29 November 2017.

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